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Friday, September 21, 2018


The next day was a lot cooler so we continued digging around the lid of the septic tank. The metal clamps holding it down, were rusty and one was broken, but the other three could be bent bak to release the lid. We were able to remove the lid, which was just a rounded steel plate. The honey wagon was scheduled to come in the afternoon but first we called a contractor for an assessment on the tank condition. 
Luckily, he found that the tank was solid enough to remain in service for maybe another 10 years. We concluded that we might replace it earlier than that, but for the moment we would keep it.

The honey wagon driver appeared in the early evening and was done within 15 minutes.

Today, we will refill the hole in the ground, but without the rocks. Also, I will make a solid box and place it over the lid, so it can be opened easily without major digging. A shallow cover of 4 inch of dirt should be sufficient. And a rock placed on top, will mark the location.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Search

Image result for man digging a hole

Have you ever been searching for your septic tank?  No? Then you have no idea what we have been going through today.

Septic tanks need to be cleaned out once in a while. One of those beloved honey wagons will come by and take away....well whatever has accumulated over the years. 

But what if someone has hidden your septic tank under layers of soil and rocks and you have no idea where it is, because you bought the house without having any idea of where the septic tank is. 

Naturally, you might go into your basement (if you have one) or crawl under your house in order to locate certain PVC pipes which would indicate the direction of where you might find said tank. So did we. We even noticed a slight depression in the lawn where the pipe might be running. And the pipe could be located. But then luck went somewhere else. Following the direction of the depression, we dug a hole 10ft away from the house, without finding anything other than rocks. And we dug another hole and again there were rocks, but no pipe. At this point a neighbour popped over swinging another shovel. How nice was that? 
                             Landscape with holes

In chain-gang fashion, we dug down to the pipe where it was leaving the foundation and found it, the pipe that is. From there we dug a WWII trench following that pipe. And thus we discovered the pipe making a bend. So we followed it some more until we could make out a new general direction. Another hole was dug and we found a "T" in the pipe. ?????

Yet another hole (all of these were 2ft deep) was dug upwards of the "T". Suddenly my shovel struck something hollow. Should there..could there...maybe be the tank? At last?

Eagerly, we continued digging. We knew we would be close. And sure enough, what seemed to be a metal lid showed itself. In order to uncover the found treasure, the hole was made wider. Strangely, the lid seemed to be curved on two sides. And it was rusty iron. Could this be the roof of a dug-down 1957 Chevy? Or was this really the tank we had been searching for? I have never seen a septic tank made of steel. Digging further, the strange metal object seemed to continue lengthwise, but curved into the ground sideways, suggesting a barrel shape.

Meanwhile, it was close to lunch so we called it off for the time being. Once inside, Bea went onto the Internet looking for septic tanks in steel. What she found was a company in Nova Scotia offering tanks the same shape as what we had found. It also said that steel tanks were not approved for septic fields anymore, due to corrosion problems. (Why are they still offering those???)

We took a shower and left further investigations to another day. If we are lucky and further digging will finally reveal a lid on the tank, and we are even more lucky, and the lid can be opened, than we might just be able to call the honey-sucking wagon. If that lid has to be ground off and thus be destroyed we would need a spanking new septic tank. 

I knew there would be something coming up to spend our money on.  

Sunday, September 9, 2018

There Comes A Moment For Everybody

It is September and summer will soon be over. There are quiet days when time seems to come to a stand-still, but then there are also days when the winds of fall are picking up. Slowly colors are changing, the days become clear. The haze and heat of summer is gone. Tourists are now fewer and only a few more weeks will pass until restaurants and facilities will close for the winter ahead. It's a time for some melancholy and deep thinking.

Just a few days ago I lost my Dad. At 93 he has had a long and eventful life. Gruesome were his young days when he, along with thousands of young men, was forced into a merciless war. The pictures of death and destruction burning into his memory. The term PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, had not been invented yet, but what do I know? Did he have bad dreams after coming home? He never talked about it. Yet, he had detailed memories about where he had been posted, where he was shot at and certain people he met along the way.

At 93 he surly was between the last survivors of WWII. After mother passed away in 2012, he lost the spirit of life. His days became dull and senseless. There was little left to live for. It's one of those moments everyone is dreading.

There also came the moment he couldn't care for himself anymore. So he moved into a nursing home, where he spent his last years. Dad had no medical issues. He died of old age.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Was John McCain The Last Decent Republican?

John McCain has left this world. He has left the country he loved and fought and suffered for, but at the end it must have been hard for him to see cheap populism take over what once was a sphere of respect and honesty. To watch the degrading of values and division of politics in the United States of America must have been especially hard for John McCain, for his ideals were different from those of Trump and Company. Expressing different opinions is the base of every democracy. Attacking core values of humanity and society is not part of it.

To ask the question whether there are still decent republican politicians seems right at a time when it might be far between them. Is there room for truth and decency when "alternative facts" and "fake news" have become the slogans of the day? When personal gains of wealth and power have become more important than the good of the country? What about calling the press "the enemy of the people"? Or how could it happen that children and babies have been torn from their mothers?

These were not the values of John McCain.

What happened to the international reputation of the United States during those last 18 months?

Americans I speak to every day, are apologizing for the current events in their country. They are ashamed and hurry to express their respect for Canada. So maybe John McCain's values are still shared by the larger part of the American people. 

The truth remains the truth and there is only one honour. Both cannot be altered. It is the foundation of how we people can live together.