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Monday, November 20, 2017

Dixie Goes To The Vet

Yesterday afternoon we noticed that Dixie had a problem. She was peeing much too often, like several times over 30 minutes and we couldn’t keep up to lead her outside. Females are prone to bladder infection and today we had to go see the vet, and it was quickly determined that we had been right. It was indeed a urinary tract infection. Now, that is not too dramatic in itself as the good doc had antibiotics right there in his office. 2 weeks with that and the problem should be gone for good. Meanwhile, until the drug kicks in, we still have to deal with that problem. Good thing is that Dixie still seems to be a happy dog and doesn’t seem to be depressed. We’ll see what happens over the next 2 days.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dixie Meets Summer

Summer is a Standard Poodle and belongs to our neighbours. They had been so kind to offer to let Dixie meet Summer. And that’s where we were headed this afternoon.
Arriving at their place, Summer, who is a 6-7 months old puppy but much bigger than Dixie, was acting totally wild behind the fence. Wild enough to make me think she would easily crush little Dixie.
They would first meet with the fence between them, than both dogs walked together – each on a leash. Then the moment came we all were anxiously awaiting: Both dogs got off the leash.

And the race was on.
1-DSC_0207 1-DSC_0212 1-DSC_0209 1-DSC_0211 
1-DSC_0228Both dogs chased through the enclosure like the devil was after them. It was obvious to all of us watching that Dixie had a great deal of fun and it didn’t take long until she was chasing the poodle around, even jumping over him, both dogs rolling around, taking aim for the next jump. I saw Dixie wild-eyed looking straight at Summer. She looked crazy, but had tons of fun with that poodle even though summer was at least double her weight and size.

It is safe to say that Dixie surprised bigly. While we had thought her to be somewhat timid, she showed us her real temperament.

While we were told that Dixie would be a cross between a Great Pyrenee and a Border Collie we think we have found out her real make-up. We have a picture of her mother, an Anatolian Shepard but her dad remained unknown, – until now.
pups9            The entire litter with mother in background

Dixie is almost a true copy of an English Pointer, which most likely is her dad. The left pic is Dixie, the one to the right an English Pointer.
1-DSC_0142 1-English Pointer 01
Below: And this is how she might end up looking as an adult.
1-Englis Pointer 02

Thursday, November 16, 2017

She’s A Quick Learner

The last 4 days Dixie has shown us that she is an amazing learner. Not only has she understood that her P+P business has to be made outside, but she has also started to let us know when it is necessary to step outside. She has also understood that there are two adults in this household and that anybody else doesn’t belong and needs to be met with caution. But maybe the most amazing progress has been that she now sleeps through the night. And I have also smartened up by getting off that couch and rather put the couch pillows on the floor where I can actually stretch out my 6ft. body length. The last 2 nights I have been resting with my head only inches from her crate. We went out at 5am and went to sleep again. Now, THAT is my kind of puppy.

The stream of visitors coming by our house has not subsided. I need to start the coffee maker again. Smile
1-DSC_0016 Murals on a barn wall in Maine
1-20171112_090428Fall leaves under water
1-DSC_0100 1-DSC_0078
While I was driving Bea had been looking out for birds

Not only has Dixie proven to be very smart, but she is also very playful, affectionate and lovable. And she likes to put smooches into my face.

The video below (Dixie’s Play) is a bit long so I put it on YouTube.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dixie Becoming A Local Celebrity

The news of a new puppy on the island has been spreading fast and in order to handle all visitors we had to set up visiting hours. This morning’s first visitor told us that Dixie had been hot news during a church supper where people had been wondering who had already seen the puppy.
Of course, we welcome everyone to see Dixie, as it is very good to become socialised for her. Whenever she sees strangers at the door, entering the house she runs away and goes hiding in a corner. That is not a
desirable trait for a dog. As you can imagine it can quickly become a problem once Dixie reaches adulthood and her full size. So we are happy about the visitors trying to gain Dixie’s trust. Having a goodie for her, of course, helps the cause.

Last night, it was Bea’s turn to spend a night on the couch, while I turned out the light upstairs. Now, whether it was the spent night on the couch or the 4-hr-long drive on Sunday, I don’t know, but my lower back is aching like crazy.

Weather has been getting colder and the air feels raw, but after all it is actually the middle of November and we are more fortunate than other parts of the country as we have no snow yet.