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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17

The 2. dormer
Actually i was  flustered when I realized that this day, August 17, was a repetition of August 15 except for the mess with the paint on the garage floor. And the reason was the 2. dormer on our house. It had the same problems as the first one, a side fascia which wasn't only rotten, but also loose and a squirrels nest behind it. So here I was up and down the darn ladder again trying to make a good fit for the new fascia and trim. It wasn't going all that bad to begin with - that is as long as Mrs. Sun was not too high and at a steep angle. But then.... finally I had to get into my shorts and replace a T-shirt with a loose flapping cotton shirt. While I was loosing gallons of water, Bea had established herself on another ladder downstairs and was scraping of the red house paint. Must say she did a great job with that. 

Where ever we lived, we left a trail of renovated or new buildings behind us, and our families have given up on thinking that this one might be the last one, but the years are racing by and nobody gets any younger. Same with us, and we have both noticed that the limits of exhaustion are changing in our disfavor. So, in my book, this is the last house I am fixing up.

The summer has been going really well here Down-East.  
Of course we had SOME rain in between, like yesterday's 24hr. marathon, but that's OK with me as long as I see the blue sky again the day after. And it doesn't seem to get cold here, like it did 4000km farther west in Alberta. 

Saturday and Sunday the annual Lighthouse-Days are being held on Campobello Island. We will have lots of music and home-made food. There is also ample opportunity for lighthouse tours during the low-tide hours.

The Video is from last year's event. If you can come, it's worth the trip!

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