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Saturday, August 13, 2011

To the wide horizon

August 13

It was one of those gorgeous sunny mornings, the air still crisp and clear with no haze dimming out the horizon. I took Molly, jumped in the car and off we went to the beach at Herring Cove. 
After walking up and down the beach I found a white-washed log to sit on. 

With the morning sun, sparkling on the calm waters my mind went wandering. This rocky and wild coast had seen generations of people, and before the human kind invaded this island, just animals lived here. And still the rocks must have looked the same way. 
These open waters of the North Atlantic have a calming impact on the human mind. And wasn't that the reason why I always came back here, and fell in love with this place? I have had similar notions when I was standing on top a rocky desert plateau in Arizona and had an unobstructed view over endless canyons with a meandering river thousands of feet below. And like on this northern coast, once Indians were the only humans living there, living of the land and, up here, of the sea.

Way out there, breaking the line of the horizon, I could see the "Wolfes", a group of uninhibited islands. The ferry to Grand Manan was barely visible as it steamed along the line. A small fishing vessel appeared and was crossing the diamond glitter of the reflecting sun, creating a gleaming wake. 
This area is not uninhibited anymore and we sure have put our stamp on this country, but the basics are still as they were thousands of years earlier.

As I left the beach I noticed a pickup truck parked a distance off. The owner was sitting on the tailgate, playing his guitar. There might have been a few gulls listening to his music, but what does that matter. The man was obviously looking for peace and that's what he found here, at 8am on a Saturday morning.

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. What a fine and enchanting description. We think of the beach too often as summer sun and sand. Yet it is a magic place where the two worlds of land and water meet, in cool and gray, and in wet and stormy too. You convey the charm and complexity of this world well. Thank you.

  2. gorgeous can feel the tranquillity and hear the soft guitar music in the background...


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