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Monday, January 21, 2019

We Have A Comment From A Trumpist

It is still amazing how dumb Trump supporters really are. Yes, after some time of silence, this Trumpist finally quipped up again by sending me a comment. (I thought I had lost him) He named himself "Middle Class American". Judging after his comment, I would rather expect him to be "Lower Class American". But have a look at his comment. He wants to vote Trumpi "back in again" for 8 years. He just forgot that F.D.R. was the last president with more than 2 terms in office and that 2 terms are the maximum a president can serve. He also thinks that Trump can keep "Rip Raft" (he means "Riffraff") out of the country. 

We're voting Trump back in for another
8 years.... having him keeps the rip raft out...

Not that we are in school here, but it becomes painfully clear that education not only in grammar but also of other vital parts is missing here.

Besides of all that, there is a good chance that this so-called "President" is gonna end up behind bars after this term is over, something, which would preclude him from even running again.

So, dear "Middle Class American" keep on writing your comments, and if others feel for it, I say Go for it. It makes for great entertainment.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

You Wouldn’t Want To Send The Dog Outside

Hello and Good Morning!                  Though I could add that it sure isn’t a “good” morning. All I can see from my window is drifting snow and I hear the wind howling around the house corners. This is the storm we have been warned about. Yet, as unpleasant as it is, we are still the lucky ones, at least if I can believe the weather folks out there. Right now, and it is only a quarter past eight, the temperature outside is –5. Looking at a place like Moncton, New Brunswick, it is –15 up there. And while we are going to get rain in the afternoon, they are still gonna get snow. It’s gonna pile up for them there. I am very hesitant to let Dixie go outside. I know she hates the wind and getting snow in her face. And who wouldn’t?

 The rain predicted is gonna come as a freezing rain to begin with and windspeeds are gonna increase to an average of 50km/h. Right now the storm is coming off the ocean, but will turn more to north later.
I have carried in a load of firewood yesterday and the stove is hot. We have filled a few containers with water, just in case we are losing power. Made myself a hearty breakfast with 2 scrambled eggs this morning.

Better days will be here again soon.
At first I thought that Google finally got around to fix the publishing error they induced on the Blogger login, but when adding pictures to the blog it didn't work. Others have written about it. It is obvious that Blogger has a low priority with the Google people. Stuff like that has happened repeatedly over the years.

It has now been snowing from the early morning hours until early afternoon and we have about 6" of "snow" in the yard. The fact that it was about 6" I discovered only when bringing in more firewood. At that time a freezing rain was coming down heavily. I figured that we'd have to make a path over to the vehicles and down to the road, which is about 80ft. It proved to be very hard work. The upper crust was almost impossible to break through. The stuff was so heavy that it could only be shoveled, but not pushed. Together we made it down to the plow edge at the road. (damn road plow) While at it the freezing rain pellets were still coming down like crazy. Windshields are covered a quarter of an inch with pure ice. What a mess. And when we got back into the house our jackets were encrusted with ice. My ball cap had turned into a helmet. Wow....

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dixie Got A Friend Visiting

Occasionally, I have mentioned Dixie’s friend “Beau”. Beau is a cream-coloured Retriever and lives in our neighbourhood. Today, his owners had an errand in the big city and had asked whether Beau could be visiting with us for the day. And of course, that shouldn’t be any problem.
We thought we could start the day with an early-morning walk with both dogs, so they could burn off some energy. But today was one of the coldest mornings so far. The thermometer showed –16C (3.2F) but the wind chill was even colder. So, the morning walk was converted into a short run-around the house. Naturally, both dogs needed more exercise and so they “exercised” in our living room, which you will find documented in the following pics.

While some dogs can be very territorial in their home, Dixie is a good friend to Beau and is very permissive. They just romp around having fun.
The day developed very sunny and after lunch we loaded both dogs into one of the vans and took off to Herring Cove. As the wind was still blowing out of the Northwest, we chose the more protected trail through the woods and along the lake.
We kept Beau on a long leash while Dixie could run free. It turned out to be a great outing for both the dogs and us. Wasn’t too cold either. So by now, both dogs are resting, collecting more energies for the next get-together.

Monday, January 14, 2019

There Is No Paradise Anymore --- ANYWHERE!!

When you go shopping, when you go to a fast food restaurant or just a potluck dinner, you are most likely using objects of plastic. Plastic shopping bags, plastic wrapping, plastic cans, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic knives, plastic forks and spoons.
It is all that plastic we are using that will stay on this globe for ever. No, it will not disappear. Yes, it will break down – into very small parts over decades. These parts are getting into the food chain and are the most dangerous part of all plastic floating in the ocean. Birds are dying of plastic-filled bellies, so are sea turtles, whales and every other creature living in the oceans.

We have to stop this craziness. How? We have to teach and educate the young generation, we have to raise awareness in the population, and we have to ask our governments to regulate the use of plastics.
Do yourself the favor and watch the video below. If you look for more information on the topic just type “Plastic in the ocean” into Google. Make sure you are not eating when you watch the video.              

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trump Has Defeated Himself

The president, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.

JAN 8, 2019

  David Frum Staff writer at The Atlantic


Well, that was the shortest, most easily resolved national emergency in U.S. history. Twelve hours ago, the president was preparing to set aside the regular process of law. By 9 p.m. eastern time? Not so much.

Perhaps somebody pointed out that 15-year civil-engineering projects do not look very convincingly like emergency measures. “My house is burning! Time to begin the process of calling for design proposals for a new fire station.”

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President Donald Trump is about to discover the reverse side of Richard Neustadt’s famous observation that the most important presidential power is the power to persuade. Trump’s conduct as candidate and president long ago deprived him of any power to persuade anyone not already predisposed to support him. To date, Trump has governed by leveraging his high approval rating within the Republican Party. From the point of view of former Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump’s 90 percent approval rating among Republicans mattered a lot more than his 39 percent approval rating among Americans in general.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not susceptible to that “majority of the minority” logic. What she has to worry about is Trump’s strength among Democratic-leaning voters. That strength, Trump squandered long ago.

There is a real immigration problem on the border. Central American migrants have figured out that by showing up at the border in family units, they will be admitted into the country pending the adjudication of an asylum claim. The asylum system is overwhelmed, adjudications take months or years—and long before then, the would-be migrants can vanish into the U.S. labor market. Few Central Americans prevail in their asylum claims. Almost all end up staying, anyway.

The solution to that problem is not a lengthy process of design, tendering, land expropriation, grading, and construction. The solution is to get more adjudicators into the asylum system now. If cases are resolved fast, and border-crossers removed promptly, the surge of asylum seekers will abate, as it abated in 2015 after the Barack Obama administration cracked down on the 2014 Central American border surge.

But Trump has never wanted a solution. He has wanted a divisive issue and a personal monument. Futile though that monument may be, he could have gotten it, too, had he been willing to trade something attractive to Democrats. But Trump was never willing to bargain. Senate Republicans would not let him: They saw no point in the border wall, and were unwilling to barter for it.

George Packer: The suicide of a great democracy

More fatefully, though, Trump’s vision of leadership allows no room for bartering. He imagines the presidency to operate on the principle, “I command; you obey.” More even than his wall, he wanted to coerce the Democrats into a surrender by the sheer force of his mighty will. Except Trump did not have the clout to achieve that.

“Leverage: don’t make deals without it.” The words appeared under Donald Trump’s byline on page 55 of the 1987 best seller The Art of the Deal. Trump did not write them, and he seems not to have understood how to apply them. In this budget shutdown, Trump discarded his leverage from the very start, by declaring for the cameras that the budget shutdown was his decision, his responsibility. When the shutdown began to hurt, Trump and his surrogates hastily tried to transfer the onus—but it was too late. Everybody knew that it was Trump’s doing, and that it was done for reasons rejected by large majorities of Americans.

The idea of invoking “emergency powers” was a last grasp for the leverage Trump had already abdicated, and it had to be abandoned for fear of what the courts and public opinion would say.

After the January 8 Oval Office address, little doubt remains of how this shutdown will end. Sooner or later—probably sooner—it will end the way Trump’s threats of nuclear war upon North Korea ended: with a sudden Trump about-face. It is now only a matter of time. The polls will arrive over the next hours. Democrats and Republicans will both see that Trump did not move public opinion in his favor. They might see that Trump could not even motivate very many Americans to watch him. The panic slowly building among congressional Republicans will boil. Trump, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.

Trump will cope by locking himself into the Fox News closed-feedback system of flattering disinformation, emerging only to emit enraged tweets pretending he won big and denouncing the media for reporting otherwise. He might even convince himself to believe it. His political allies will repeat it without believing it.

But he will have lost. Lost humiliatingly. And he will have done it almost entirely to himself, before the amazed eyes of the opponents who, dumbfounded, watched him do it to himself, without a plan or even much of a reason, other than the empty and fleeting joy of feeling briefly powerful by inflicting pain.