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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10

Dear reader!
This blog will not turn into a permanent political blog. So don't get up in arms one way or the other. But from my point of view north of the border I had to vent out my frustration about our big neighbour's political stage. When America plays haphazardly with it's economy it does also affect Canada and the rest of the world, which basically entitles everyone to have an opinion.

Are the United States about to slump into a 3rd.-world status?

There was a time when my thinking of the U.S. was of the most optimistic and positive. But it was based on missing information.

The information which was missing came to me over the last two to three years.

A housing crisis which was caused by missing federal banking regulations, a federal financial disaster which was based on missing fiscal responsibilty and a missing will to tax the rich and super-rich approbriately, a political view which was (and is) based on racial resentiments and finally a missing understanding that America should not play the role of the world police, since that will, (and still does) cause more violence, more terrorism against the U.S. and poses a financial drain which the U.S. could  (and can) not afford.

When an American told me that the U.S. is governed by huge corporations and not the peoples representatives, I was doubtful at first. But that was years ago. I have long since understood that he was right.

A thing I (still) do not understand is why so many poor and middle-class people are friendly towards the one party which has never done anything good for them.  And the fact that the Republicans are seemingly kept hostage of the small Teaparty which has only one declared goal (bringing the current president to fall) has not contributed to better the common man’s financial standing.

Most Americans are worried about the country’s financial outlook. A staggering debt of way over 14 trillion Dollars does not give too much confidence into the Feds doings.
But it is counterproductive when a few right-wing isolationistic rich-boy Americans bring the country to the brink of financial default, thus risking the paychecks for millions of social security- and pension-entitled Americans. That is not to speak of the global financial disaster, an American default would have caused. The American Teaparty has proven that they are the most dangerous group and capable of bringing the U.S. down to it’s knees for the sole cause of their ideological whish-wash.
When Standard & Poors downgraded the creditrating for the U.S. it was a direct result of  the Teaparty’s and Republicans fight against more revenue through tax increases for the rich.

It is very sad that I had to change my opinion of America, but I still have a hope that the majority of the American people will understand that America must survive and that those who tried to undermine America’s stability must be punished at the next elections.

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