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Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 04

Does your dog snore?
There is lots of dog talk over at the Bayfield Bunch tonight. No wonder, if they are looking for a new bunch-member they need to find the right one. I can just about feel their excitement. 
Well, there is some dog talk here as well. Cause I was wondering whether all dogs snore?  Molly sure does. And there is something funny about it. While I find it annoying to listen to Bea's snoring, (and she sure doesn't like me snoring) I can sleep like a baby when Molly snores. In the contrary, it is actually a soothing thing for me listening to my dog's snore. When Molly snores, I know she is content and about to sail off to dog dreams. Her dreaming is another thing I notice. Her paws start moving, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Now, she is in pursuit of something -- a rabbit most likely or could be a squirrel. Yes! Her panting is getting more excited, and she starts making noises, yammering noises, getting louder and louder, well THAT would wake me up right there.

And you know what? She even does that when we are going down the road at 60mph. How she can do that with all that noise from the engine and the wheels is anyone's guess.

Well, this has been just another day with lots of work on the porch, and I mean ON the porch, as I literally was working on top of the roof. See, I had to start scraping the paint off the house fascia board. 

Standing on top of a ladder way up where the air gets thin holding a heat gun in the left and a scraper in the right leaves you nothing to hold onto the ladder with. Whenever the sun peeked through the clouds it got hot and the hot air from the heat gun didn't improve the situation a bit.

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