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Friday, August 12, 2011

A hike up Devils Valley

August 12

We were in our camp at the Colorado near the Fisher Towers, when we one day decided to take a hike up Devils Valley. 
As we knew it would be another hot day, we started early in the morning, long before other hikers appeared. From the parking lot, a few miles down Hwy 128 towards Moab, a narrow path leads up the valley. Several times we had to cross a creek. 
Our goal: Where the valley butts up against a steep wall a free standing arch spans across, only a few meters away from the mountain wall. We followed the path which mostly runs along the creek. 

Some places dense vegetation, thriving with plenty of water from the creek, accompanies the path. Warning signs tell the hiker about lots of poison ivy. This should indeed be avoided, don't touch it or brush along the leaves! Some places along the path the poison ivy has started to grow pretty close to where the hiker has to pass. We lifted up our arms as we passed those spots.

At the end of the valley a natural bridge. It is only a few meters from the Rock Wall. Between the bridge and the wall we can see the sky. Suddenly we discover people on top of the bridge. They have a long rope, and let it dangle down to the bottom to where we stand. Doesn't take long and the first person is spider-like coming down the rope. There are 6 or 7 of them. I shudder. Would never dare to do that myself.
Poison Ivy!
Hiking up Devils Valley

Rock wall (left) and bridge (right)
Sitting on a rock, we have our lunch, then take the hike back. 
Ah -- is it ever good to get home to one's own house on wheels.

The Natural Bridge and the end of  Devils Valley

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