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Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21

We've all been praying the weather would be dry and nice on this day, so everybody could enjoy the annual light house day celebration. Yesterday we had been setting up the stage and all the benches which had to be hauled from the Provincial Park Campground. This morning we had some fog, but it sure cleared throughout the day. Local vendors showed up and pretty soon our BBQ's were set up for burgers and Hot Dogs. The Ladies had made a delicious Fish Chowder and Chili, so there would be plenty of food.

Local musicians made for a variety of entertainment and as always the auction was a popular place to be.

Evelyn is dishing out Chowder here, but had to
realize that she wasrunning out of it all too soon.

And here is the Hot Dog Guy - just starting out

Great conditions for a sail on the bay
 With the money made on this event the friends of Head Harbour Light house can continue to renovate and improve a major tourist attraction in New Brunswick.


  1. Looks like everybody is having a great time but what's with those jackets? It's still hot here in Montana.

  2. It is nice that everyone can join together to promote a project like that. It looks like everyone had a good time.


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