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Monday, August 8, 2011

August 08

Alright, gone shopping
The day started out with gray fog and slight rain, which at times increased in intensity. A day which would be no good for any outdoor activity. So, since I needed to make orders for doors and cedar shingles I decided to take a ride into our neighbouring country and visit a few building supply centers. I took the truck, just in case I would find a nice bargain on the 2 entry doors I was looking for. 

On the way down south to Machias I met a couple of huge Motor Homes on their way north. And then I took in on a nice big and shiny AIRSTREAM trailer. I guessed it to be around 28-30ft long. It was pulled by a pickup truck and the traveling party was from Texas. They were lumbering along at 50-53mph, just under the speed limit of 55mph. These trailers design is as old as RV'ing itself. They have been admired and loved and upgraded over decades.

I ordered the shingles in Machias but I would have to wait for delivery until Friday morning as the shingles currently were not in stock at this location.

For the entry doors this place was not competitive enough, so I continued the ride further south to a major National Building Supplier in Ellsworth. After walking the aisles up and down I finally found an associate who was eager enough to do business with me. Together we found two doors at an acceptable price and loaded them onto a dolly. I also found some hardware and was headed towards a check-out where I could bring my truck around. 

When presented with the Grand Total I had kind of given the guy my debit card, but something was ringing a bell in my head. It might have been the gray weather or what ever, but when I finally looked at the receipt I knew what was wrong. It was the inflated price which had rung the bell. Looking closely I found out that the total was for three doors and two of them at the wrong price too!! The cashier was not pleased about my delayed reaction to it, but called out for another employee. Finally I was ushered to the customer service desk, where I should receive the refund for the 3rd. door and the wrong price. When this service guy looked into his cash box he realized that he had no money for the refund. (I don't understand why they do not refund to the debit card which was used in the first place) Anyway, I made it out the door with 241 bucks in refund. It is very, very rare that I carry that kind of cash in my wallet, so I figured I could go over to Walmart and get rid of some green-backs again.

When I walked by the cheese desk I saw that they had my famous Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese. So I immediately ordered half a pound of it sliced up. When the girl handed me the cheese I routinely glanced at the label and was stunned that she had affixed a label for some meat cold cuts which also showed a higher price pr. pound. Was this the day where people made mistakes by error or was everyone trying to take advantage of my sleepy appearance? I wasn't sure at all, but the girl changed the label apologizing profusely. 
Looking at the clock I realized that hours and hours had passed since leaving home and that I was starving.
From the Deli desk I retrieved a sandwich which later after check-out was completed with a cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donut. I refused the temptation to have a doughnut added to the coffee, but felt almost sorry about it afterwards when sitting in the truck munching away on the ham sandwich. Sometimes I am just too cheap against myself.

Meanwhile, the sun had come out and made the air incredible humid and "muggy". So when heading north again at mid-afternoon, I opened up the windows to let the air stream through the truck, screwed the stereo to a full blast and was looking forward to getting home.

See the ship diving in the evening fog?

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  1. I definitely need to keep a closer eye on my receipts. Glad you got your refund, finally. And that picture of the ship is just amazing. Love it.


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