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Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 06

Oh, Oh, what's going on?
Just got off the phone with an RCMP-officer. Wouldn't think something bad can happen over here on the Island, right?  But today we discovered that somebody must have felt an urge to scratch up our cargo trailer. Yep, somebody tried to improve his/her writing skills using a few choice words and also trying to scratch in a portrait. The writing on the trailer wall is not of high literacy, a known f-word was even misspelled and then scratched out and re-written. 
no comment...
When neighbors came by, they said we should call the police and have them have a look at it. 
It is kind of disappointing to see something like that happen in a small place like this island. 
The friendly officer promised to launch into a little investigation tomorrow, so maybe we will have news about it in a couple of days.

In the meantime we are having a discussion about a planned attic vent. There has been none in our house and since I was up on that scaffold anyway I thought of cutting a nice hole there to place a vent grid. You know the type with a metal screen BEHIND the opening, right? Well, according to some newer science that is all wrong because it would be inviting bats to put up a permanent residence inside the frame. Bats are kind of messy in their ways and though they eat up tons of mosquitoes, nobody wants them in the house. So the solution to that is putting the metal mesh IN FRONT of the slots, so no animal can get into the frame. Makes perfect sense to me.

And since we are on the topic: Today I removed the last shingles from the gable wall and put the house wrap on.
Neighbors walking the road have gotten into the habit of stopping and gawking at what we are doing with the house.

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