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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A grey day

It was only 6am when Molly uttered a little whine. But it was enough to make me wake up. And who knows maybe she had tried to wake me up for quite some time. Anyway I got into my morning robe, because it definitely was morning. A very gray light was filtering through the curtains. But otherwise.... it felt like in the middle of the night. I let her out and noticed the fog. Some drizzle too...
Shuddering I went back into the kitchen to get the coffee  started. Molly came back soon and I made sure the doors were thoroughly shut. I put up the little electric heater we had purchased for the Motor Home. Get the chill out of the room. 

I sat down in my IKEA recliner and read blogs. Terrible pics of the Goderich,Ontario Tornado.

At 7.30 Bea got down to business, meaning breakfast. It was still pretty dark outside. How different the days could be...yesterday we had our breakfast OUTSIDE. 

I put on some old-time music and we had our baked-up rolls and coffee. Bea checked on IRENE and her progress. I had noticed that by now it was raining quite a bit. Only the beginning, but there was absolutely no wind. It would come in the afternoon. So let's just see and wait what happens later. Here is a link to hurricane news

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  1. It was Skittlez at our house who decided 6:00 was a good time to get up. And it's Jim who does breakfast for us. But pretty much the same kind of morning except for the major issue of Irene. Looks like it's kind of calming down a little bit except for the rain. So be safe out there.


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