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Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19

"Severe Fog Warning"

I have read about severe thunderstorm warning, severe rain warning, severe heat warning and severe tornado warning to mention a few. This morning there was (it's a first-timer..) SEVERE FOG WARNING for Lubec,ME  "vision ahead" was 0 yards!

When I crossed the border I told the customs officer that Lubec should be re-named to "Fog Town". I don't know whether he found that funny, but seriously Lubec has three times as much fog as our island. It comes in from the Bay of Fundy through the Lubec Narrows, and always when we have with southerly winds.

However, it did not effect me in my work as I went about painting the gable fascia and the rest of the dormers. As I could not quite reach the top of the gable, I was looking to  extend the reach of my paintbrush. I was looking for some kind of broom stick, when I came across an old Golf Club. That thing had about the right angle for tying my paint brush to the end of it. And how I "tied" it together? With duct tape of course! So for the first time I played golf with a paintbrush on a house gable.

Later I threw myself over shingling the north wall of the new entrance. That was actually fun as I could be in the shade most of the time. (yes, at some time the sun came out)

But after coffee my energy was kinda drained and I decided to take Molly and the convertible out to Herring Cove Beach. We had a great walk through the natural meadow between  the beach and the Glensevern Lake. This lake was divided off the ocean once as the sea pushed up a dam of sand, thus turning the trapped water body into a freshwater lake over time
With the fog just about coming back I got some special shots.

When returning to the car after 45 minutes I had to realize that I had forgotten to turn of the lights, thereby draining the battery. These old cars have no warning sound if you leave the light on.
So Molly and I took the walk up the campground office to borrow the telephone and call Bea to come with the truck and our jumper cable. And that was how we got home. 
Not a bad day, eh?


  1. Severe fog warning is a new one for me. Being from Montana, fog doesn't happen real often except close to the river sometimes. Very creative with the golf club.


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