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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 August 23

A picture-perfect Day
You probably know the feeling. The day starts just right, the sky is blue, and the air is fresh and clear. That was just how it was today. And when I did the morning walk with Molly we chose the little round-trip along the waters edge. And it hit me again: There is something special to a deep-blue large water body. There are islands, and shorelines beyond, there are boats and ships and we even have a view onto a distant town with harbour: Eastport, ME. As humans we will always be attracted to landscapes like this.

A wonderful fresh salty breeze was coming off the water, but it was not the southwest bringing in fog, no - it was coming out of the north, a messenger for coming late-summer days, when heat and humidity is gone, but the sun is still inviting us to sit down and enjoy life as good as it ever comes.

Afterwards I went to check on the blackberry patch. On my way there, I passed along some of our apple trees. A strong wind had blown a basket full of them down to the ground. They were not ripe yet and too small and yet they were off the tree. 

You've gotta know that the whole island is full of apple trees, and we have our fair share of it. So when harvest comes, there is apple pie, and apple sauce and maybe apple cider.

I also came across a patch of Goldenrod, standing along the forest edge they glowed in the early morning sunshine.  
The Blackberries are coming along alright, but are yet not many enough to justify picking. Here, behind our house is our depot for this winters supply of Blackberry Jam.

It also was a great day for house-painting. I did all the white trim along the roof on the south and west side of the house. Had a great fun trying out the new yellow for the shingles. It sure makes for a nice contrast to the white trim. Pictures of that will come later.
View from the ferry landing
When finally evening came around we had a delicious supper (check:
and the last walk with Molly went along the waters edge again, where I was able to shoot a couple of pics across the Passamaquoddy Bay. Mrs. Sun offered an unusual sunset and while that was going on we met with our nice neighbours for a chat.

While darkness settles in we are sitting in our little living-room reviewing the day, reading blogs just relaxing.


  1. Gorgeous pictures tonight. Too hot here to be a picture perfect day.

  2. gorgeous pictures!!!! love your porch...we will definitely visit when we get our plans set in stone right now they are still in jello because Rick has to see a surgeon in early Oct..due to a hernia...fearful to head south until that is fixed...we have never been to your island but have always wanted to visit it...your property is very 'fruitful' we have blackberry bushes here also..aren't they a pain to pick...I am usually covered from head to toe...but the jelly is to die for...our apple trees are full this year but are slow to ripen and grow..we also have 'saskatoon' berries they make for delicious pies..
    take care
    Rick Tucker and Lilly too


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