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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, Irene see you in my dream...
While Irene is already pummeling the East Coast of Virginia and New York City resembles a Ghost Town, it is rather quiet up here on our beloved island. Actually we had another fine warm day and I took advantage of it as I finished up two walls with new shingles. And the day started out warm enough to enjoy breakfast on the new porch. What a delight! 

First towards the evening fog was moving in. As a precaution we removed all loose furniture from deck and garden and stored it in our 27ft cargo trailer. All tools are in the garage as well. The truck and the Jeep have moved away from the big maple trees as one never knows whether a big branch would come down or one of the spruce trees on the boundary to our neighbour would fall over crushing the vehicles. 

Wind speeds are predicted to be around 55mph at the most for Wilson's Beach. But who knows, maybe storm gusts might exceed that. Better safe than sorry. 

Just being curious I slipped over to the Herring Cove Beach to check whether a surf had arrived, but there was nothing. All was quiet. So I assume I will have more about the situation here on Sunday evening.

From my blog stats I can see that people all over the world are googling IRENE. That way I got a reader from far-away Finland today. Maybe a spread-out American who is trying to learn the Finnish language (good luck) and is getting worried about his family at home.

Take care - so long!


  1. Personally I'm hoping you don't even get the 55 mph winds. Be safe.

  2. Irene is so mean. She's been hitting our place so hard.. so many lives has been taken many houses has been damaged.

    :-) John

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