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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A mile-marker

It happened so fast I did not even see it happen. reached 10.000 page views. We started it on march 22 when being in AZ where we met a couple of bloggers at Belle Starr's Ranch near Bisbee,AZ.
I had been running a website for years, but the blogging concept has a lot of advantages and is much easier to maintain as it operates within a Design frame.

Amazing is also that Google promotes the Blogspot-sites through its search-engine system, so that internet users worldwide easily can find the site. American-Traveler has had readers from literally all over the globe. One of the things a blogger can do is publishing postings on topic-related forums. Many forums have a world-wide readership and people will click on any related links they find.

A big Thank You to all readers so far and we are looking forward to our future journey together with you.

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  1. Congratulations Peter and Bea for hitting the 10,000 mile marker!!! Job well done.


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