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Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26

May I introduce: Her name is Irene and she is a dangerous lady, currently she is threatening the East Coast of the U.S and will eventually find her way north to Atlantic Canada. But then she hopefully be much weakened as ladies like Irene tend to loose a lot of energy when they leave the open seas.

What's special with her is her sheer size. Currently, she has a diameter of 600 miles (1000km) When imaging her fat body (excuse my language) being placed over the Maritimes it will pretty much cover everything.

We will probably get 80mm of rain, maybe loose Internet connection, be without power for a while but all that will not be any major disaster. We have a 7kw power generator in our bus and another 2kw Honda power plant. There is propane in the RV for cooking and the entire performance will be over in a matter of 36hrs.

We have already received emails from Europe expressing concern re. our safety. 
If we have a chance we get to Herring Cove and take some pictures of the surf coming in.

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  1. Good luck with Irene. She appears to be a pretty nasty visitor. We'll be waiting to hear from you after she leaves so we can know how you're doing.


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