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Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22

Rain,Rain go away...
Boy, did it ever rain today. Splash, splash, splash.
We were confined to the house until we got a little hold-up in the early afternoon, and, finally, at 3pm the sun broke out, most clouds disappeared and with them the muggy humidity. Tomorrow a sunny day is predicted and we are looking forward to it.

This weather brings to mind the terrible storm we endured last year during our trip south. 

We had stayed overnight in a truck-stop in the southern outskirts of Indianapolis. When we routinely checked the weather forecast next morning we saw the warning. 

Something big and black was coming up from St.Louis,MO. It was supposed to hit Indianapolis at 9am. So we decided to stay put and wait and see. As the clock was nearing 8.45am the sky got dark and darker and darker. At 9am sharp, a terrible sound occurred. We were parked with the broadside to the storm and it was almost like the coach took a step sideways, when the force of the storm hit us.  At the same time I saw a flashing fire coming out of a transformer ahead of us. Traffic signs, regulating a construction area on our lee-side, took flight and disappeared into nothingness. A tremendous rainfall started shortly after with the water flying by horizontally.

A firetruck rolled up and a man checked the holding wires of a power pole. It was then that it went up for me that we were also parked under a high-voltage power line. While the coach was rocking and bucking we looked at each-other asking ourselves how long this mayhem would last. I ran out our leveling jacks. That took away a good deal of the rocking movement. 

There was thunder rolls and lightning all the time. Was this a tornado or a straight wind? We didn't really care. It was bad, really bad.   

This one was in Montana approaching the Canada-border
Weather news  from Radio and Internet contained tornado warnings and sightings.

The major force of the storm was over after one hour, but it took another 3hrs. before it all dissipated. 
Around 1pm we took off towards St.Louis. At first the sky was still grey but all-of-a-sudden we saw the blue sky behind a sharp line of gray.
We made it into the neighbourhood of St.Louis that day, and it was then, that we heard about all the damage in the city.

Weather can be severe and as RV'ers we have to be on the watch-out for sudden weather changes. It is always better to park and wait it out, than dare to challenge it. Our high-profile vehicles are prone to be taken by the wind and thrown left or right - into the ditch or (worse) into on-coming traffic.

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  1. Love the picture of Montana. We've been in a few storms that really had me worried - more than usual. Not fun. Sure am glad we have our weather radio close at hand always.


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