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Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31

The Last Day
We have reached the very last day of July 2011 and tomorrow we will be starting on August. That means 2 more months to go and we are getting into departure mode. The BIG CAMPING season is over us again. In good time before departure we will be cleaning the coach inside and out, we will check our lists of what stuff to take and what not. We will be looking at tires, oil and all the technical intricacies BEFORE hitting the road. We will also have the Motor Home serviced at our Freightliner Service Center in Bangor, ME.  I discovered that place 3 years ago and was thrilled to see that only very mature personal is working there. Truckers are using that facility and that also gives me confidence in their work.

We might also have to replace 2 more tires in the rear. They are now 7 years old and showing cracks on the flanks.

When all that is done, we are looking at a 3700 mile journey until we are safely parked again in our spot in the California Desert.
Parked in the desert
I had a few days break from my work on the porch as we had a visitor from Prince Edvard Island. He left this morning on the ferry via Deer Island. If the weather has been as nice farther north as it was here, he must have had a gorgeous ride home.

The Campobello-Deer Island Ferry
We were lingering on the beach until the ferry was well underway. While we were down there, we discovered something tiny moving around in the water. At first we thought of small fish. But with a closer look we saw that it was no fish. It was KRILL. 

Krill is the reason that the giant whales are coming up here for feeding. Matter of fact KRILL is the reason that we have a marine life in the ocean at all. Only these fellows we saw seemed to plan their suicide as they were heading for the shoreline. The wavelets were washing them up on the gravel where these guys died!!! We figured that their time was up and like many species they kind of know that, and end their life by shoring up. Life is full of wonders!
Molly has discovered Krill!
After coming home I retrieved my tools and started working on the porch in the shade of the house. It was good to be busy again after those last two days. But around 2pm the sun had made it around to the front our house and I started to lose gallons of water which have a tendency to run from the top of my head into my eyes. I have even made a special hat, cause I figured baseball caps do not allow for ventilation. So I rather took an old cowboy hat and cut open the crown of it. But even with that arrangement I got "watery" eyes. And when I came close to a headache, I finally had to throw in the towel and give it up for today. I rather settled down with an ice-cold lemonade under the roof of the new-constructed porch.

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