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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19

As time goes by...
When Frank Sinatra had this line in one of his songs he wouldn't have thought of me, of course, but for myself, I have altered the line to: time FLIES by.  Yesterdays post was a good example for that. First I got the date wrong, kinda was a day behind,(17 instead of 18) but then i made another boboo as I put my memories to 2007 while, of course, it was a year earlier, in 2006 we traveled up through the Rio Grande Valley. And if you ask me what I did two days ago, well, I guess I could look into my blog to find a hint about it, but other than that it would be hard to remember. 

Now, is it our aging brain playing games with us when we think of time and how fast time goes by?

I am sure that, when I was a kid, a summer was very long. It kinda lasted through all our adventures, our bicycle tours, our beach afternoons all the way to Christmas. And if the summers lasted, so did the entire year.

Cattle in Wyoming
Three weeks holidays with our parents would "never" end, but look what 3 three weeks are today. Einstein could probably answer that question for us, but he's been gone so long, leaving us alone with that problem of time flying by.
Depending on where you live, six weeks from now you may see the first yellow leaves. Scary!!
Fruits of California
Every year, when we arrive in our beloved southern destination in California, I have the feeling that I could just sit down and enjoy the looong time ahead of us. 4-5 months seems so long, but would you know it, shortly after our arrival in early November,we are having Christmas, then comes the New-Years-Party, kind of 2 days later, and once we have hauled ourselves through January with all the little gatherings and parties, well, the calendar announces the end of February and our RV-neighbors find us staking out our route north again. Then in march it gets comical. The camp is buzzing about how much snow there might be left at home, just to make everyone believe we don't have to go home just yet. But if you look around, the neighboring rig has already gone, while others are keeping busy preparing for the run home. Most social activities have dried up with the rising heat of the desert. There is talk about the snakes coming out soon and there is always one guy having seen tracks of snakes in the desert sand.

And when finally departure day has arrived, you wonder where the 5 months have gone. 

No, "time" is something I have quit trying to understand.
If you know more about that why don't you tell me in a comment?


  1. Time - that thing that passes so rapidly and makes us old much too early. You summed it up really well.


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