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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6

We are in the middle of a make-over with our house again. Last year we did the entire 1.floor, this year's spending is going towards the front of the house and the porch. 
The old porch was in need of a major renovation and currently I am tearing down the old construction. The asphalt shingles were nailed down with 1 1/2" nails!!! They are long enough to stick out underneath the boards. I had a horrible time to get those shingles off.

Then, yesterday and today, I had to take the boards of the joists. Those were old and brittle and, using the crowbar, they came off in thousand bits and pieces. 
With the roof off the porch, our living-room feels like an Arizona Sun-room. That porch roof sure stole a lot of light.
The new roof is going to be somewhat higher at the front and will hopefully permit more light into our house.

This morning I went to Machias,ME to get our truck into a FORD dealers shop. FORD Canada had been so considerate to send me a letter to get a slight adjustment in the electronics. While in Machias I stopped by the lumber yard to order materials for our porch renovation project and got a few groceries. On the north end of town I am always passing a Dunkin Donut, which is the American version of Tim Horton. Funny enough I never get myself to stop there, despite I am always thinking of fresh donuts and good smelling coffee. Maybe next time. And now I am thinking of Al from the Bayfield Bunch who seems to be "hooked" on Mc.Donalds Burritos at least that's what I am reading in his blog.

Thinking of working in the tourism industry again. Over the next three days I will be conducting a market survey for a sightseeing service on the island. If the results are encouraging I might get a van and start the enterprise next summer. I just love to show the island to visitors.

Had a nice clear day today and discovered that the freighter had re-emerged from the fog.


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  2. Your porch building reminded me of the day you, Chuck and I spent rebuilding the old house porch roof at Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch. That was a blast!!


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