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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21

In the early days...
I have been writing about my early days of RV'ing before, but I thought to warm the topic once more and see what I could find of pictures and videos on the net.
One thing is for sure: In the early days of RV'ing people enjoyed their RVs on a different level of comfort. There must have been a big deal of excitement and expectation every time the family took to the road. Roads weren't really good in those days, cars tend to break down and trailers certainly didn't have the technical equipment they offer today. Motor Homes were not very common and RV-Parks not too easy to find. Our RV from the mid-sixties had no shower, no bathroom, and no fridge, but life was wonderful. The mattresses were kind of slim, but we always slept better than at home. In the mornings we all had to wash up, and that was done under the awning outside, with mom being the exception!

I have tried to find personal accounts of those days on the internet, but haven't succeeded.  I did find a few videos about what RV'ing was like in the old days and they seem funny enough. But when I put them into the blog they did not play. They can be found on and searching for trailerite. If there are readers out there who do have stories from the olden days of RV'ing and you would like to share them, you might want to send them to me.

What I always like to read about is something like the tales of an AUSSIE FAMILY going camping in the U.S. It shows that there is still a lot of excitement in going traveling with your house on wheels. I also have a friend in Australia and he says that RVs are much smaller over there, so this AUSSIE family coming over to our neck of the woods must have done some adjusting.

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