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Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24

It was on February 19 2007 that we arrived in town.
Fredericksburg, located centrally in the "Hill Country", turned out to be an amazing town with it's German Heritage visible at every corner. And spring was about to arrive as well. So the Sunday we drove through Main Street or "Hauptstrasse" as the sign also says, the town was crowded with weekend tourists from the nearby cities of San Antonio and Austin. Cafe's and restaurants were open and people were relaxing outside enjoying a coffee or a meal. 

The many storefronts of Fredericksburg have their merchandise on display and with German pastries, German beer and Bavarian "umpta" music, visitors will find  everything and anything they might desire, 
but it better be German. We settle in at the Fredericksburg RV-Park, where we meet the very nice owners, and their likewise nice camp guests.

Bea has discovered the line dance group
in the club house


This RV-Park, convienently located close to Main Street, offers a variety of activities which take place daily in the two Club Houses. My favorite is the sunday icecream night, where everybody gets a bowl of his choice of icecream for 50cts. The social side of being together with people mostly sharing a common interest is a nice side effect.
Fredericksburg became our "Base Camp" for 2 weeks. From here we did a couple of nice trips into the Hill Country.

One of these trips gets us to the "Enchanted Rock" just north east of town. This ancient place was named so by the Indians, which heard strange "groans" from the mountain under changing weather conditions. We take the drive and from a hilltop we get the first view of the Rocky round shaped mountain. 


At the foot of it Texas has established a State Park. If you want to climb the mountain, you have to pay the entrance fee. But just the drive through this hilly landscape with its many live oaks, farms off to the side of the narrow Road makes you feel like being somewhere in the French Provence. Here and there a winding creek splashes its clear waters down the hill, creating small lakes and ponds. It's a beautiful country out here.

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  1. I too love driving through the Hill Country. I stuck only to the narrow two lane country roads and really enjoyed every mile.


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