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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17

The Gladys Porter Zoo

If you ever come to Brownsville,Tx, don't forget to visit the zoo.The zoo is a "must see" in Brownsville. We are awed by the variety of animals and the mostly nice surroundings. As always the most activity is with the apes and monkeys. The Orangutan family has a baby and it plays along with a stick. When it gets too close to the big male, resting under a roof her mom gets over watching that the old patriarch is not being disturbed by the little one. She plays with the little one, and when she is on her back she hauls the baby with her hinds, holding it high over her, just like a human mother would do. Even more activity is unfolded at the gibbons habitat. They are living on a little island. Two wardens are there, one cutting grass the other watching over the monkeys not getting too close. While the men are working, the monkeys are climbing on some high poles which are connected at the top with some iron pipes. They swing back and forth showing their excitement over having visitors on the island. We are marveled at their enormous power. When the men retreat after their job is finished the gibbons are coming down from the poles, starting a crescendo of screams. I guess it's a way of letting out their excitement. We visit the birds and the reptiles house. The Lions are sleeping in the sun and so does the jaguar and the leopards.

Hey YOU!!!

Not the real one - luckily

The little Orangutan Baby

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  1. I love giraffes. But that baby orangutan is sure a cutie.


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