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Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2

What a Day...
I had been asked whether I could provide our truck and flatbed trailer for the 1. of July-Parade, so the rig was standing ready out there when the entire bunch of Lighthouse volunteers showed up to start work around 2pm.
First a scale-model of a lighthouse arrived. It was placed on a blue tarp in the middle of the trailer. It was followed by a lot of more blue tarp draped in wave-fashion around the lighthouse. 

Then a Humpback-style whale-tail arrived gracing the rear of the display. Little plastic dolphins and whales "popped up" in the water and finally it was all topped off with lots of Canadian flags and red-white displays. 

Around 6pm we were all ready to leave for the big field opposite of the Roosevelt Park Entrance. The truck with trailer went first, followed by our FORD LTD Convertible carrying the flags of Canada and New Brunswick.

At 7pm sharp the entire parade-convoy left the field slowly moving down route 774 along the water. The route was lined with people on both sides cheering wildly when we were passing. 

It took almost an hour before the procession had reached Herring Cove Provincial Park Campground where the judges waited to award the prizes. 

And what can I say but that we won the first prize in the class of floats?  Hurrah, hurrah, we did it and boy did we have fun!

After we got back home, mother nature had another award for us.The western sky was lit up with a beautiful sunset. 

Everybody in our group was so excited that we decided to celebrate at Evelyn's house with party-food.

At around 10pm we could even watch the fireworks on Deer Island from Evelyn's deck. It sure was a wonderful day for everybody here on Campobello Island.

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