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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20

A moonlit night,coyotes and a deer
I know I know...the east coast isn't known mostly for it's undisturbed wilderness, but last night I thought I was back in Alberta - in several ways!!

Because of the high temps we are sleeping by open windows and drawn-back curtains, so the moonlight and cooler nightly breeze could find its way without any obstacles. However, last night, that led to a sudden-wake-up at 1.10am. From outside, but not far away from the house, a coyote family had gathered for their nightly sing-song. It wasn't only me, who sat bolt upright in the bed!! 
Bea was up and so was Molly!! Now, we have heard coyotes before - in Alberta, but last nights concert took the cake, both in loudness and intensity. Actually, I think they were sitting right outside on our lawn.

I had gotten back to sleep when another disturbance appeared. I clearly saw a huge deer with giant antlers standing in the door frame of our bedroom. He eyed me suspiciously then walked over and around our bed and the second later he came in a big jump over our double singles, almost hitting me with his hooves and disappeared out the door! 
Now, if anybody out there has a good explanation of this occurrence I'd be a thankful listener. Or who else has had a deer (or moose?!) in his/her bedroom? (or dreams??)

When I related the story of the deer to my cousin in Norway today, he told me about a Norwegian who was known to get real angry when something disturbed his peace. So one night he was awakened by the loud chatter of magpies. He grabbed his shotgun and shot from his bed through the closed window at the birds. His wife, beside him, almost suffered a heart attack. 

In order to get a more normal ending of this day we will be attending the weekly concert of the "Summer Keys" in Lubec,ME, tonight.

Sorry, no pictures today!


  1. I love listening to the coyotes out in the AZ desert. We're in the city up here in MT and don't get to hear any coyotes. Do have deer in the yard often though and not just in my dreams.

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