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Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8

With my thoughts wandering back to...
the spring of 2006 and our trip to Texas, I find my notes of February 24 and the following days. Our 14-day stay on South Padre Island had come to an end. As a matter of fact we were tired of the wind and that everything seemed to get sticky from the high humidity.

We pack up and leave Padre Island. We drive around Corpus Christi and cross the bay to the city of Rockport. We have a reservation at a Passport America RV-Resort, the Circle W RV-Ranch. After some driving around we finally find our way. The place is packed and turns out to be very narrow to navigate in.
The site they show to us is very short and narrow as well. After some back and forth I manage to back the rig into the site. A spotter from the Resort is in the back waving me backover, when I hear a crunching noise. After pulling the rig forward again I get out and find the neighbour from the rear in a hefty discussion with my spotter. It turns out we hit his boattrailer at the outborder. But his trailer was sticking into our site.
However no damage on his motor nor his trailer so finally they settle down. Later the neighbour from behind comes around apologizing for the welcome he gave us. But the real fault is at the management which lets huge trailers get into these crampy sites.
Rockport is a fishing town where tourism has started to bring up real estate prices. We have a little walk along the waterfront.

February 25
We go to town to see more of it. Walking around the harbour area and wow, we find out that Bea is running a bait stand here. Amazing!

February 26
The day starts grey but by 10am the sun is out and it is getting hot. We decide to drive over to Goose Island State Park. We intend to look what camping options we have here. The 2006 pricing was $3.00 pr. person/day plus $9 for an unserviced site in the bushes or $14.00 for water/electric on the beach. Nothing for long term visitors. But it is sure nice out there. We watch brown and white pelicans and roseate spoonbills. There are buzzards and vultures circling. We have a lot of fun watching pelicans being fed by a fisherman. 
They come in big numbers and are not shy.... And as you can see some of those birds are trying to swallow a bite too big for them, and when the fish gets into the throat the wrong way.....they have to jump up and down to get the fish down. We were laughing our heads off.

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  1. We really enjoyed our time on Padre Island, especially on the Laguna Madre side. Boondocking only, and the sites are small, but you can nose right up to the lagoon. I think we paid $30, which covers boondocking on the LM side for a year, but you have to leave for a while every 14 days, and there's a 56 day/year limit.

    The Good Luck Duck


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