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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11

Yesterdays tranquil Sunday was followed by a day full of action. I had planned to continue tearing down the rest of the old porch. Starting with the remaining roof joists, one by one came down with a squeal of the old rusty nails. I plan to re-use these joists, so I had to clean them of all the nails. With a claw hammer and a crowbar I pulled hundreds of nails. many were so rusty that the nail head was coming off in the attempt. These had to be banged down into the wood. At 10.30 I got a phone call from the lumber guy, who had arrived at the Canada border with his load of materials for us. I raced down the 3 miles to meet him and pay the sales tax to the customs. 
He then followed me to our house and we started unloading the truck. The 6"x6" for the porch posts were heavy. I also had ordered a whole bunch of 2"x4" treated which are intended for the floor extension. 

When we were done we heard the rumbling of a nearing thunderstorm, but it never rained, and the black clouds disappeared to sea.

Until noon I banged and squealed with my tools, and made the neighbors looking over to this crazy guy who apparently was about to demolish his house.

The sun got out before lunch and the temps climbed to uncomfortable 75F. I say "uncomfortable", as we always have a relative high humidity and the felt temperature is a lot higher, which is especially true when one works hard.

Banged to pieces -- the old porch materials
Looking at the result of a good days work I at least have a feeling of having accomplished something.

Not much left after the day
New Materials

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