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Friday, July 1, 2011

July 01 CANADA-DAY  

It's Canada Day and I should give an account of the events unfolding here on Campobello, but it is way too early to do that, so I will add-on the days happenings later.

At first I must introduce you to something new and exciting. My wife is on fire!!!  No, really, she got the bug of my blogs. And all-of-a-sudden she has an idea which I have never thought of. FOOD, COOKING + KITCHEN. 
Even though she is not the only one preparing our meals, I partake from time to time - if I feel inspired. But before I confuse the matter I let her take over this page and you can see by yourself what this is about.

The eternal question: What do we have for dinner today?

Hi, I am the crazy blog-writer's wife. My name is Bea!
My father was a chef by profession and he used to cook and bake for us all his life. I could say that I am rather spoiled that way. He didn't like us to interfere in the kitchen, except when we had to do the dishes afterwards. :-(  Therefore I learned cooking mostly by trial and error. The only advantage: I knew how it should taste and look like when it was done. My husband says that I do cook good - if I am in the mood. 
To set things straight: I have not much patience with cooking, the task is not my favourite and it is rather repetitive. But - since we have to eat - it is a necessity. 

I certainly do not plan meals ahead. I open the fridge door, peek inside and inspiration hits me - or not.
I try to keep my cooking in a time frame of about 30 minutes. Good for a life spent most of the time in a motor-home.

You will look in vain for fancy cooking pans and pots in my cupboards, though you will find  a wide variety of herbs and spices.
My cooking bears a strong print of European cuisine. We eat meals that are mainly of  German or Norwegian character. You will not find fast- food or deep-fried stuff on our plates. 
Since we are only two people at the table, all roasts or meat-loafs and things I make will last for several meals. 

Enough talk, let's get started.

So - I usually start dinner with opening the fridge and take a look.  What do we have available? 

Red potatoes, diverse remains of vegetables and fruit and 2 leftover hamburgers. (We have to go on a shopping trip tomorrow!) 

I find 1/3 iceberg lettuce, 1 tomato, 1 apple, 1 carrot, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 lemon

OK - here we go:

Set potatoes to boil. It takes about 30 minutes for them to get done.
Tools: cutting knife, old fashioned grater

Next: cut the iceberg lettuce, mince an apple and one carrot on the grater, cut half of an avocado and one tomato into bits. Give all together in a salad bowl.

Before I start the dressing I put the hamburgers into a small pan on low heat to just warm up.

 2 tbsp vegetable oil and 1 tsp olive oil, juice of half a lemon, salt, pepper and herbs (dill, parsley and basil) preferable fresh, but mine are nearly almost dried ones. A handful of unsalted, roasted sunflower seeds and that's it. Toss and set aside. 

Meanwhile the 
potatoes are boiling, the hamburgers are warming up and I can start doing the dishes. 

Since we have no dishwasher I like to clean up while I am waiting for things to get ready.

Dessert: Strawberry/Kiwi Mousse (frozen leftovers, from a week ago)

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