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Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28

I don't know what to call this
Ok, it's not a piece of blank paper when you use a computer, it's a blank screen which stares at you. But the challenge is the same. 
Anyway, today was a good day, the sun was out all the time and I made great progress on the porch project. Kind of worked my way around the corner and joined Bea there who was scraping off that old paint from the wood shingles. 
You know we had to buy a heat gun for that task.  Well, some places that paint falls off if you just breathe at it, but then again it can be a pain to clean the shingles. A neighbour has already given the verdict: We are NUTS! Yes, that's what she's said. NUTS! Of course we could just blow some new paint on top of the old paint, but you know how long that would last, right? So here we are trying to do it the right way, and people think we have cracked.

Around noon, I was just getting ready to re-start work after lunch again,a nice young girl steps up to our door. She has two letters with EXPRESS printed on it. I almost kissed and hugged her, but took myself back a step. These letters contained our passports! Spankin' new Canadian passports. And I had those feelings that we'd never see them passports again. You know like: Lost in the mail.  We had sent passport applications with mugshots and everything pr. express letter on June 14. Then, what happened was that Canada Post went on strike!  From there to July 05 it is about 3 weeks right? That was the day when Passport Canada received our express mailings. I see our passports are stamped July 22. July 22!! That was the day when Norway was attacked by that lunatic. Today is July 28, and it is 6 weeks after we sent our applications. But time is nothing, if you look at where they are issued:  It says Victoria, BC. Now Victoria is probably the farthest away point of civilization in Canada. (around 6000km?) 
I won't speculate about any reason for that.
Well, later in the afternoon it got kind of hot outside, and since we needed to get a refill for the fridge, we took off heading south across the bridge and on to Machias, where there is a bigger and well-equipped super market. When we stopped at U.S. Customs I held our new passports out the window. These guys were getting used to receiving paper copies only from us for the past weeks. So now he eyed the new passports saying: "Let's see whether them work. Yep  yours work, now lets see about your wife, yep works also. have a nice day!"  What nice guys the U.S. has stationed here at Lubec!

Before we were heading off south we dropped in at Martha's home bakery. Martha says I am regular now. I am grueling the day, when being in California again having to live without Martha's bread for 6 months. Maybe I have to come home earlier.

We had a real good shopping spree in Machias. That Hannaford Food Market is sure a nice place. Got all the goodies I need. Bea bought a build-on pizza. Know what that means? You kind of buy a pizza foundation with some cheese on it, then at home you can build on to that with whatever you have and like. I bet she is just about putting the pizza on her blog. 

And that's it for today folks, wasn't so bad, was it?

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