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Sunday, July 10, 2011


With a Sea-Breeze in my face
It is Sunday morning and the early sun warms my face. A gentle sea-breeze out of the North-West plays about the beach. Molly is scouring the laid-up sea-weeds after something to eat. I hear her crunching on half-dried crabs. Behind the beach is a wonderful meadow full of wild flowers. Strolling along the waters edge we are heading towards Raccoon Beach. In a couple of hours we will have low tide. The water has already left 10 feet of wet beach behind. Molly is now ahead of me and I like the prints her little paws make in the sand. There is lots of driftwood on the beach. Red crab shells shine in the sand, and prickly green sea-urchins are entangled in dried sea-weeds.

The only sound out here is a low splash from the swell of the sea. Peace and tranquility rules this beach. If we wouldn't already have a home here, I'd say let's live here.

Hope you all have a GREAT Sunday!


  1. Beautiful photos and descriptions. Makes me want to be there.


    John R

  2. Sounds like a wonderful paradise.


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