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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13

Resting under the Maple Tree
It was another busy day even though it didn't get quite as hot as yesterday. I needed to drive across the border to buy a tool for removing those old White Cedar Wall Shingles. Coming back, the Canadian Customs officer told me that the lumber truck had been there but gone now. I really wondered why he would tell me that as I did not expect anything from the lumber yard today.

However, coming home that truck was parked right in front of our property and Bea had gotten our pickup out on the road. What was going on?? Well, it turned out that the lumber guy had a back-log delivery for me and had waited at the border for me to clear his passage. Bea told me the guy had called the minute I had left, then the customs office had called and everybody was looking for a green JEEP with me inside. Bea had then started looking for the delivery truck and when it had passed her she had turned around and followed it to our property. 

Wow, now I could make sense in the customs officer's telling me about the lumber truck. They had let the truck pass anyway as the value of the delivery was so small that they would not have cashed in, as they have a minimum amount of 3 Dollars before they actually ask for payment. What a great mix-up. But it all worked out in the end. And I could get busy with the extension of our porch deck.
At around noon our mechanic called and announced that the convertible was ready to be picked up. 

Of course I had to work up a sweat again today, and when I found out that I needed a rest, I got a cold lemonade from our fridge and placed myself in one of our wicker chairs under the huge maple tree. And here I sat for a while, pondering about this and that. Today the breeze came out of the North-West and brought some cooler air. It was not enough to be called a wind and brought just a slight rustle to the maple tree leafs. I leaned back, closed my eyes and had one of those moments we all need from time to time, a moment of total happiness. 
We got done a lot today and when supper time came around I suggested that our kitchen remains unused today and that we support one of our local restaurants.

And that we did. Took the big float and off we went to the Provincial Golf Course Restaurant. Had a great rib-dinner while Bea was having fish and chips. So don't look for one of her "dinner-for-two" stories today.

The day will end with our every-week-wednesday concerts at Lubec,ME. Not everybody traveling to another country for attending a concert, I presume.
Have a good one!

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  1. That's too funny about the lumber truck at the border. I think you are becoming much too well known so you'd better behave. That glass of lemonade sure sounded good. I may have to make some.


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