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Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22

A very sad day in Norway
Don't feel like writing much. Today we received news from Norway, where we lived for 25 years. A major terror attack was committed today. After a bomb explosion at the Oil and Energy Department which rocked the city center of Oslo and killed 2 people, leaving many more bleeding in the streets, a second attack followed on a youth camp on the island of UTOYA at Tyrifjord, where many youngsters were gathered for their vacations. It is yet unclear how many of the kids were shot and killed. Police thinks that both crimes are connected. A terror group called Global Jihad has said they are standing behind those grueling events.

We have talked to our friends in Norway and they say their country is in a state of shock. Norway used to be a very peaceful country. All of a sudden that has changed.


  1. I was thinking about you all day yesterday after hearing about the terrorist attacks. It is such a shame the world has come to this.

  2. This was a terrible tragedy. I don't think there is any where left in this world of ours that is safe from the extremists and nutcases of the world.


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