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Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15

It's crazy...
I know it's kinda nuts, but reaching the middle of July I start thinking of the very few months ahead until the itch of travel will hit me again. The other day I caught myself in pondering about the possibility of making a trip north to Labrador. LABRADOR --- what do I have with that part of the country? Haven't even been on Newfoundland yet or Nova Scotia for that part. Well, tell you the truth, I would LOVE to see those places, but the east of Canada is kinda expensive to travel. Hey, we have $5.00/gallon and up north it's probably a lot more. Would have to travel with our little JEEP with 35miles/gal. At that rate it might be doable. But then where to stay overnight? Looking at the map of Labrador --- boy there sure isn't much of a B+B, motel or hotel. There isn't even a decent town for a long stretch. Would have to sleep in a tent, I guess. But aren't there polar bears around? Sure is, and if I recall Bea's fear for grizzlys, I don't think that Labrador will appear on my target list for possible destinations in the near future. So I better put the map back on the shelf where I found it.

Back to today's achievements: Had a great day building the deck extension. No disturbing phone calls either!

The day temps were on the nice side, meaning not too hot, but not too cold either. However, in the afternoon, I gave in to the temptation and took off my T-shirt. Sun was out, but a little breeze made it real comfortable to work outside. The bad part was: I got a sun-burn on my back and consequently a bad itch. Wife came and put a lotion on it, which, by now, has brought some relief.

Remember we headed to the Golf Course Restaurant the other day? Today it was home-style cooking again. Bea had another of her inspired cooking sessions again. I'm sure she is busy now writing it all down. Well, then, after supper we always do our round with Molly, as she uses to pipe up about it if we seem to "forget" the walk.
Hey, let's GO!
Coming back from the walk and the chat, (we are always meeting some neighbors along our way) it was still nice and warm outside, so we sat down on the "20-year bench" behind the house with a glass to drink. Oh, I guess I have to explain the thing with the 20-year-bench. It is really quite simple: I made that bench out of some wood scraps to our 20-year wedding anniversary. And guess what: Next year the bench is 5 years old.

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