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Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9

Did I mention that the Americans had a foggy evening on July 4th?  Yep, they had to cancel their fireworks in Lubec.
But yesterday evening they had the big "kaboom". They fired it off from a float a distance from the harbour. And many Canadians from Campobello were lined up at the Mulholland Lighthouse, which graces the "Lubec Narrows" with its beautiful tower. 
We went down there at 9.30pm, and after waiting 45 minutes it finally started. It was a spectacular 20 minutes show. Bea had rigged up our Nikon and was hanging over it with her finger on the button. And now YOU can see the result of it right here.

Mulholland Lighthouse

The International Bridge between Lubec and Campobello

The big Kaboom

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  1. I love the sunset behind the lighthouse. And I love firework pictures. Those are spectacular.


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