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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12

Amazing what a blog can do...
We have never prepared food in a too simple way, so it is not my point to insinuate anything like that. What I am getting at is the fact that my dear wife seems to have found, not only inspiration, but the interest for cooking. And that is thanks to her blog Dinner For Two at  The fact that she is using the NIKON on it, and tries to get the most appetizing pictures of the dish has led to the most appetizing arrangements on my plate as well. I would be lying, if I said it doesn't please me. 

Today, we had pan-fried Pollock, with cooked potatoes and a delicate cucumber-tomato salad. No top-prized restaurant in the entire gourmet-world would have made that dish any better than Bea. 

Besides of havin' a good time at the table, I had a h...of a time outside with my porch-project. Reason for that was the merciless sun combined with high humidity (it rained last night!). The water poured off my head by the gallons, and from time to time I had to take a refill in the kitchen. But finally the last post with beam toppled over and I was standing on a bare deck.

Neighbors walking by on the road were not saving their comments. Nope, they must have been thinking I am a real maniac, which maybe closer to the truth than they know.

Everyone who is reading knows what trouble (and fun) Al has with his squirrels. We have squirrels too!! And Molly is the one being on the hunt for them. But, of course, squirrels are faster or smarter than Molly. That, however, does not deter her from sitting guard under a tree when a squirrel has taken up position on a high enough branch. Molly does not know that the squirrel can escape her attention by jumping onto the house roof and from there going into its nest by the dormer. But funny enough the squirrel sits in the tree and seems to have fun teasing our dog.

Then in the late afternoon I had to start the convertible, 'cause the island-mechanic was to put in a new choke tomorrow and desired to have the car with a cold engine next morning. But turning the key did not produce the desired rumble from the engine. It remained absolutely quiet in the garage. No power! Flat Battery! How could it be?  
In dark anticipation I fumbled after the light switch, and sure enough it was halfway out. Darn, I had forgotten to switch off the parking lights last time I put it into the garage.

The solution was putting it into neutral and pushing it out into the open. Luckily our garage floor is sloping a bit downhill, which makes it a ton easier to move that heavy float.  
Outside, I could bring our truck close, to use our heavy-duty jumper cables. When the engine finally sprang to life, I had to keep my foot on the accelerator, as the choke is no good. After a while the engine warmed up and I could slip up my foot.
Together with the new choke we will be getting a full tune-up of the engine. I am looking forward to finally being able to fully enjoy that old boat, even if most trips are limited to tours on the island.


  1. Scooter has a love/hate relationship going on with squirrels also. She loves to chase them up the tree and hates it when they sit up there and chatter at her. So she knows just how Molly feels. Good looking old boat you've got there.

  2. Our dog, Rusty does not seem to be impressed by the squirrels, but loves to jump rabbits. Stay safe.


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