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Sunday, January 20, 2019

You Wouldn’t Want To Send The Dog Outside

Hello and Good Morning!                  Though I could add that it sure isn’t a “good” morning. All I can see from my window is drifting snow and I hear the wind howling around the house corners. This is the storm we have been warned about. Yet, as unpleasant as it is, we are still the lucky ones, at least if I can believe the weather folks out there. Right now, and it is only a quarter past eight, the temperature outside is –5. Looking at a place like Moncton, New Brunswick, it is –15 up there. And while we are going to get rain in the afternoon, they are still gonna get snow. It’s gonna pile up for them there. I am very hesitant to let Dixie go outside. I know she hates the wind and getting snow in her face. And who wouldn’t?

 The rain predicted is gonna come as a freezing rain to begin with and windspeeds are gonna increase to an average of 50km/h. Right now the storm is coming off the ocean, but will turn more to north later.
I have carried in a load of firewood yesterday and the stove is hot. We have filled a few containers with water, just in case we are losing power. Made myself a hearty breakfast with 2 scrambled eggs this morning.

Better days will be here again soon.
At first I thought that Google finally got around to fix the publishing error they induced on the Blogger login, but when adding pictures to the blog it didn't work. Others have written about it. It is obvious that Blogger has a low priority with the Google people. Stuff like that has happened repeatedly over the years.

It has now been snowing from the early morning hours until early afternoon and we have about 6" of "snow" in the yard. The fact that it was about 6" I discovered only when bringing in more firewood. At that time a freezing rain was coming down heavily. I figured that we'd have to make a path over to the vehicles and down to the road, which is about 80ft. It proved to be very hard work. The upper crust was almost impossible to break through. The stuff was so heavy that it could only be shoveled, but not pushed. Together we made it down to the plow edge at the road. (damn road plow) While at it the freezing rain pellets were still coming down like crazy. Windshields are covered a quarter of an inch with pure ice. What a mess. And when we got back into the house our jackets were encrusted with ice. My ball cap had turned into a helmet. Wow....


  1. Looks like a three dog night.Good day to read huddled by the wood stove.

  2. Now that's cold! BRRR.
    I have had no issues with blogger or pictures yet.

    1. It's the Open Live writer link to blogger which turns an error "400" when publishing.

  3. That's still too cold for our liking. You used to head south to get away from the Cpld at one time. You might reconsider doing that next winter.
    Might be wise to have a Wood Box not far from the door. Wait till you have freezing temperatures to kill off the bugs before filling it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Maybe one day when Trump and his cronies are gone, we might return. :-)


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