Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dixie Got A Friend Visiting

Occasionally, I have mentioned Dixie’s friend “Beau”. Beau is a cream-coloured Retriever and lives in our neighbourhood. Today, his owners had an errand in the big city and had asked whether Beau could be visiting with us for the day. And of course, that shouldn’t be any problem.
We thought we could start the day with an early-morning walk with both dogs, so they could burn off some energy. But today was one of the coldest mornings so far. The thermometer showed –16C (3.2F) but the wind chill was even colder. So, the morning walk was converted into a short run-around the house. Naturally, both dogs needed more exercise and so they “exercised” in our living room, which you will find documented in the following pics.

While some dogs can be very territorial in their home, Dixie is a good friend to Beau and is very permissive. They just romp around having fun.
The day developed very sunny and after lunch we loaded both dogs into one of the vans and took off to Herring Cove. As the wind was still blowing out of the Northwest, we chose the more protected trail through the woods and along the lake.
We kept Beau on a long leash while Dixie could run free. It turned out to be a great outing for both the dogs and us. Wasn’t too cold either. So by now, both dogs are resting, collecting more energies for the next get-together.

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  1. Two beautiful dogs enjoying a cold day....standby for a new winter storm heading your way for Monday.


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