Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ice Rink

Living on the coast means that the most stabile weather is gonna last 2 or maybe 3 days.  Winter doesn't mean we are gonna have 3 months of snow, nor do we have 3 months of rain. What we are getting is maybe 3 days of snow, 2 days of rain, 1 day of a deep-freeze and maybe one or the other day of mild spring-like sunny days.

And that is about what we have gone through over the last 4 days in a condensed form. 6" of snow froze to a solid layer of ice when freezing rain started at the end of the day. Next morning it was friggin' cold and one could hardly walk on top of the snow. Yesterday, the cold broke and temps climbed above 0C, going higher overnight and reaching +7C today. On top of that it is raining and the running water is flooding layers of ice, making it almost impossible to step outside without cleats on your feet. Even Dixie is having her problems balancing along. The below picture was taken by a neighbour, showing kids skating on an ice rink. No, it is not a regular ice rink. It is an area which flooded by water, then froze and now it would be just about perfect, if it wouldn't rain. And the kids discovered it and got their skates out.

While the main road across the island is drivable, it is not safe to try the side roads. This morning I almost got stuck down at Herring Cove Beach. Good thing I carried a bucket of sand in the van.


  1. Dixie and Beau would look good figure skating together.

  2. Beau is now on the way to Santa Fe and Dixie is sad that she won't see him again before April.


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