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Monday, January 21, 2019

We Have A Comment From A Trumpist

It is still amazing how dumb Trump supporters really are. Yes, after some time of silence, this Trumpist finally quipped up again by sending me a comment. (I thought I had lost him) He named himself "Middle Class American". Judging after his comment, I would rather expect him to be "Lower Class American". But have a look at his comment. He wants to vote Trumpi "back in again" for 8 years. He just forgot that F.D.R. was the last president with more than 2 terms in office and that 2 terms are the maximum a president can serve. He also thinks that Trump can keep "Rip Raft" (he means "Riffraff") out of the country. 

We're voting Trump back in for another
8 years.... having him keeps the rip raft out...

Not that we are in school here, but it becomes painfully clear that education not only in grammar but also of other vital parts is missing here.

Besides of all that, there is a good chance that this so-called "President" is gonna end up behind bars after this term is over, something, which would preclude him from even running again.

So, dear "Middle Class American" keep on writing your comments, and if others feel for it, I say Go for it. It makes for great entertainment.


  1. They walk among us.Not to worry if Middle Class American gets his wish....we can call him Low Class American as there will no longer be a middle class.

  2. There has been another comment from a Mr. Davis which was accidentely deleted. Mr. Davis expresses his opinion that my posts are hateful and contemptous against "Middle Class American". His thinking is that it has been people like me, or at least the style of my postings, which put T-Rump in the White House. He also thinks that there are so many beautiful things I could write about.

    So let me comment on this: If you think that my postings are hateful then I wonder what you think of the daily news coming from the White House, and the Alt-Right movement. I also wonder what your idea is about how YOU would react to what's going on. (Mr. Davis is no Trumpist and he doesn't like T-Rump either)
    Re. the "contempt", I must remind you of the fact that most of T-Rump's base is largely uneducated and not able nor willing to make sure they are getting the truth and nothing but the truth. They rather listen to the hate spread by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity and others. They don't even know that the United States is a democracy AND a Republic. It's not the same as a republic can be a democracy or a dictatorship. Right now the United States is on the verge to become an authoritarian dictatorship. Otherwise a president would not be able to hold the entire nation hostage to reach some dubious racist goals he pursues. People like "Middle Class American" seem to like that idea. And I have nothing but contempt for that.

    Further, I must agree with Mr. Davis that there indeed are many beautiful things one can write about, and I have done that and will continue to do that. But at the end of the day it is MY blog and it is ME who decide what topics I will write about. Also it is completely voluntary to read my postings or ignore them. Lastly, I want to add that I am Canadian and that all Canadians are affected by the nonsense and stupidity coming from the White House and the GOP cowards, and that that gives us every right to be part of the discussion. Currently there are very few nations in the world where T-Rump enjoys an approval rating above 10%.

    1. Well said Peter.Hateful and contemptuous,I think not,more like informative and thought provoking.Both the vanishing "Middle Class American" and Mr Davis read your blog because they must be partially interested in a different perspective.


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