Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Unstuck Myself But It Looks Like I Might Be Stuck Again.

When morning ran up I had a look out the window. There was my Mercedes encrusted in snow. It looked like it would stay there for ever. Watching the weather news I hung out for another hour, before I went to the reception for a coffee. 
Back in my room I started researching weather forecasts for the next part of my route. Apart from a few snow showers here and there it didn't look so bad. I could probably reach the state line to New York, which would cut down my travel time tomorrow. So I packed up, sent a message to Bea and was gone. 

The highway was indeed clear and partially even dry. Some times it looked like the sun would peek out. At Port Jervis I just continued driving into New York State. Traffic was light, probably because many had been scared enough to stay at home. After New York I passed into Connecticut and even here the roads were just fine. But coming into Massachusetts snow started coming down and getting worse by the minute. The I-84 was showing signs of accumulating snow and that was the point where I really didn't want to be part of this anymore. Checking out accommodations by the road side, I found a Days Inn at Sturbridge,MA.  Another 22 kms to go but not too far. 
The turn-off led to a lower level road which was entirely covered in snow. Don't they own snow plows in these parts? But it was getting worse. This particular Days Inn is in a hidden-away location and one has to negotiate a narrow up-grade to the building, which is behind a truck stop. Left and right I saw cars parked in more than a foot of snow, and obviously nobody was prepared for more guests parking their vehicles, as the few empty spaces were covered in snow. Great service really!
I finally discovered a spot where somebody had tried to get into but hadn't succeeded. I gave it a little extra gas and swooped the Mercedes right into place embedded in a foot of snow. Whether I would be able to get out again, I don't know. But i saw a man with a snow shovel! Maybe he's around tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are in a safe location. Saw online that there are 3 inches per hour coming down along the coast of Maine. All coastal areas are experiencing severe power outages that can last for at least 5 days. I-95 and I-295 Portland to Bangor are marked "red" (road closure, hazard).

  2. You are making progress, but now you are safe again and could be settled back in again for a few days.


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