Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tired And Knocked Out

It was past 8pm and pitchdark when the turboprop finally started to taxi into start position. After spending most of the day at Fredericton airport, I was enroute to Toronto with a following connection to Winnipeg. But would I get to Toronto in time to catch the next flight?
I did with a few minutes to spare. This was a much bigger airplane with 3 seats on each side of the aisle. I had booked a seat at the aisle and was surprised that the other 2 seats remained empty. So I could stretch my legs and had the luxury of lots of room.

We arrived Winnipeg International Airport just a few minutes shy of midnight.

I found Ross, the owner of the Mercedes, waiting at the bottom of the stairs holding a name sign. Ross lives 45 minutes north of Winnipeg and we were soon heading out of the city on Hwy 8. I was extremely tired and feeling drained, but Ross was eager to show me into his garage where he had his Mercedes, a large 560SEL, entirely in original condition.

But it was time to get to sleep, I felt like my eyes were burning out.

Next morning Ross and I went for breakfast to a nearby local diner. Eggs and bacon are doing wonders on a tired man,

and soon we were ready to start the day with various errands. First stop was a local garage where the car was put on a hoist. It was sure amazing to see that a 30-year old vehicle could be so entirely free of rust. Everything seemed to be in perfect condition. There was no reason not to buy this car, so next stop was the bank and then we got to an office of Manitoba Autopac, where I got a temporary registration and insurance sticker.

Driving a 560SEL is a special experience. The engine produces more than 300hp moving the 4000 pounds of the car down the highway and doing it with ease.

Ross and his wife Darlene are 2 extraordinary friendly people who are constantly thinking what else of good they can do for you.

After enjoying their boundless hospitality, It is time to start on the trail back home today.
Next posting from the road.


  1. Looks like it was worth all your trouble getting there.....awesome looking car...enjoy and safe travels back to the island.

  2. That is a nice looking car Peter. Enjoy your drive home.


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