Monday, March 12, 2018

Stranded in Danville, PA

Starting the day at 6am from Illinois, I was making progress along I-80. Weather was a mix of snow showers in Ohio, clouds and then sun in Pennsylvania. But how long was Adam in Paradise? I was nearing Bloomsburg when visibility disappeared in slush and a wintry mix. But it should it paid off that I always drive the same route. I was known around here as weather has had a way with us to deteriorate whenever we get into these parts. So I knew about accommodations in Danville, PA and decided enough was enough and turned into the little town. They have a Red Roof motel there and we'd be staying there before. In fact, I have been staying 3 times in Danville and always because of bad weather. Weather forecasters are now predicting a major, major snow storm along the coast and it won't be peanuts this time. So I am pretty much prepared to start living here until the weather monster is over. Talked to Bea and she has already taken precautions with shopping for food and supplies.

But let me tell you about what really shocked me today. I was heading down a long slope when suddenly I heard a clunk and something appeared for a fraction of second beside the hood. Simultaneously a small yellow light began to glow on my dash. Oh God..what happened?

To find out, I stopped on the shoulder, and went to the front of the car. There I looked at agaping hole where once a nice yellow turn light has been living. A lonely wire with a plug-in was hanging out of the hole. turn light was GONE!
I walked a ways back along the road but could not find the thing, and it was probably broken too after the sudden departure from the car.

Since I have plenty time now, I ordered a new turn light over Ebay right away. Looks really shitty - a fine Mercedes with only one front turn light.


  1. That is one nice looking car even with the missing light. How's the driving comfort?

  2. Enjoy you stranding there and keep dafe. too bad about the run signal .glad you are able to get a new one.


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