Saturday, March 10, 2018

Calling From Minnesota

Back on the common trail I ended the day at a Super 8 in St.Cloud, Minnesota.

Being a guest with Ross and Darlene is quite an adventure. Friday afternoon we went shopping with Darlene's vehicle. It is not any common car she owns and I was allowed to drive it. It's a black monster of a Hummer pickup. After what I heard is Ross required to stay clear of it. Apparently, he has been trying to sell it a couple of times but that idea was not very well received by his wife.

A truck for adult people.

A special treat was meeting their two super cute and nice Yorkies, Thelma & Louise.

And Ross, himself is a wonderful entertainer as he both sings and plays the guitar.

My hosts, Ross and Darlene did not forget to prepare a trucker-style breakfast before I left them. Also, Darlene had put together a big bag of sandwiches, Chips, Muffins and even easter-eggs and a bottle of apple juice, all for "on-the-road" supplies.

Ross had warned me against taking the Winnipeg perimeter Rd on the east-side, as construction areas would make traffic go slow there, so I followed his advice and took the better, though longer, west side around the city. Eventually, I got to Hwy 75 south heading to the Emerson border station. Having no license plates on the car, made me somewhat anxious as to what the procedure would be this time. But I shouldn't have worried, for after me handing over my passport, the officer asked whether I had the VIN# on some paper with me. Of course I had it on the bill of sale and the insurance papers. After checking it, he asked where I would exit the US and how many days it would take me to get there, and then I was free to go. Easy-Peasy border crossing!

Heading south through North Dakota I have done many times, but today I was on I-29, following it to Fargo. From there I took I-94 east and only a few miles later, I was in Minnesota. The sun came out and it was a great drive. The Mercedes drives just like a brand-new car. People in passing vehicles were craning their neck to get a glimpse of my car, and stopping at gas stations, I drew the curiosity of quite a guy. I stopped at a Walmart to take a break, bought bananas and donuts (Boston Cream is my all-time favorite) and joined the light traffic eastwards again.

I pulled off the road before dark and I am so stuffed from Darlene's "road supply" that I skipped a visit to a restaurant.

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  1. Hopefully you will miss heavy traffic and weather problems.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy your Car.

    It's about time.


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