Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Has Not Sprung

It's quite obvious that we have been betrayed. The other day I was walking through a Walmart store overhearing a joyfully shouted conversation between two employees. When one said to the other "It's the first day of spring today and look how lovely it's outside", I couldn't but break into their conversation telling the fellow not to be too loud and enthusiastic about it, for the next Nor'Easter was already on the way to hit the area. 
But the guy was right about being nice outside. The sun was warming and the temps were well above the freezing mark. There WAS spring in the air, even though the huge heaps of snow around the parking lot told the tale of winter not being so very far way. And we had another day of milder temps today, but by tonight new snow is gonna cover the old snow once again and winds will be howling around the house corners.  

No, - calling it spring is more than being optimistic,

Over the past years we have seen a gradual change of the winter season. While it would "normally" start to snow from beginning of December, intensifying into the New Year with lots of snow in the first two months of the year, it has been unusually "nice" this year. But it looks like winter is reigning more and more in March and some times even into April, (God forbid) with a rather cold spring season to follow. 
The latter would spell disaster for Bea's ambitious plans to produce the yearly amount of tomato plants. She has a number of "orders" from neighbours. 

Between the cold spells I have been dealing with the Mercedes and its registration. Had to fork over 15% sales tax to the government plus the yearly registration fee. But I still anticipate this province to go bankrupt as the government seems to be populated by incompetent people whose only knowledge is how to celebrate themselves. 

But lets not go there...really. We know it's not gonna change.

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