Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Double Whammy Long Johns Day And A Monster Shows Up In Our Yard

OK, this was good enough as long as it lasted, but it’s over – at least for now. The cold has arrived. This is the day I put on the double  whammy Long Johns. Day-highs will basically stay at frigid  minus 7C (19.4F) and a fierce ice-cold wind out of the west will bring the windchill down to –16C (3F), which means any living creature with a functioning brain will stay inside the house. And tonight’s temps will reach –11C (12F) with persisting cold winds.


Between necessary outings, Dixie has settled in front of the stove again. That dog is sooo smart. She is even ringing the bell quite literally whenever she needs to go outside.  It was Bea’s idea to teach Dixie how to make her desires known. So when Dixie nudges the bell with her nose she gets a treat. But wouldn’t you know it, this morning I observed her stopping by the bell nudging it, then giving me an expectant  look. Of course she had just come in from the cold and clearly, the reason for ringing that bell was the desire for another treat. Well, we need to fine-tune that.

And then, halfway through the morning, I looked out the window and saw a strange figure wandering around our property.


THE SASQUATCH? Close to the monster was our little Dixie. Had she been kidnapped? What was going on?

Ah, it just was Bea having thrown on her big artificial furcoat against the cold wind.

Speaking of monsters, Dixie is convinced that we have a monster in the basement. Every time we open the basement door she is taking refuge around the corner in the dining room. The reason might be that the vacuum cleaner is stored at the top of the stairs and that it makes this awful ear-deafening noise. “Tis” the world of a little puppy.


Part of her world is also watching me preparing meals in the kitchen. Her prefered daily menu now also includes raw carrots. But most stunning I find her interest in alcoholic beverages like beer.

Most females are interested in fashion and the most favorable looks, and this morning it was Dixie’s turn  to playing model for some warming garments – which, sadly, proved to be too small for her growing body.  Votes on the most fashionable outfit are expected.


UPDATE: The sun came out in the afternoon and after all the temps weren’t too bad if one stayed out of the wind, which was the reason we decided for a walk through the Provincial Park. Dixie went off-leash and she was always checking back on us, of course, always rewarded with a treat. On the way back she raced so fast that she almost fell over her own feet. We had to laugh at her, it was just too funny watching her romping along the trail.

1-DSC_0276-001 1-DSC_0289



  1. Love her fashion photos, especially the bath robe and the one where it looks like she's taking her red coat off. She sure is growing!!!

  2. Dixie is a delightful sweet doggy. I'm so glad you made the effort to bring her into your home. Kelly

  3. Congratulations on your new baby. You are doing such a wonderful job training her. We had trained one of our doxies to ring a bell as well.

  4. I'm voting for the checkered sweater. She sure seems to love that wood stove.


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