Thursday, December 7, 2017


Alright, it’s December 7, but the weather suggests a day in October, so we go to the beach. Sun is out and warming and Dixie is running around full of joy, sniffing up the beach. So much fun! We try a detour on the way back, move over to Lake Glensevern and are finally met by water flowing across the trail. So we track back to the beach. The strong wind the other day made the sea flood into the lake and had brought driftwood into the outlet of the lake blocking the water outlet.
Dixie has a field day. We train her on recall and she comes running, for there is always a treat waiting for her.
Then we try a forest trail. This seems even more exciting for Dixie.

We feel blessed to have her and be able to live in this paradise.



  1. She's growing so fast. I love her colouring, she is so pretty. She has found a great home.

  2. Taking right to that great Campobello weather...she looks so happy!


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