Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Only 3inch Snow But I Got Quite A Morning Work-Out

It began to snow yesterday evening and this morning we had a winter-white landscape with 3 inches of fresh snow. Not a whole lot, but enough to test the shoveling muscles.

Our driveway is a 150ft and the road plow is always leaving a heap at the foot of the driveway. Being done with that I threw the scraper into the van and headed down to the community library. Their walkway up to the door was done in 10 minutes and I could continue around the corner to the Welshpool Wharf. Cleaning off the snow there is usually taking an hour. So also today. The heaps of snow plunged into the water as I pushed it over the edge. There is not much activity down there these days, only 3 boats from the aquaculture company. Their salmon pens are currently empty. First in the spring they will restock with new young fish.


1-DSC_0379-0011-DSC_0387-0021-DSC_0382-0011-DSC_0385-0011-DSC_0386-001While I was working with the snow Bea played with Dixie in the snow. Though she is a southern Dixie Bell, she seems to enjoy Canadian snow and winter. Her fur is growing as she also gains weight and gets a little bigger every day. She now weighs 28 pounds, is about 20inches tall and almost 30 inches long. How big she is getting – we don’t know for sure, but expect her to reach 65-70 pounds and a shoulder height of 30 inches.

Besides of playing with Dixie, Bea did some nice shots of our birdies coming to the feeding stations. As you can see we got a Cardinal guesting. Actually Mr. and Ms. Cardinal have become regulars with us. With the backdrop of fresh snow they are quite a sight. This morning Ms. Cardinal was not seen. She probably was hanging out somewhere near in our Hawthorne tree watching her husband.

Only a few more days until Christmas now and I am thinking of the families which have lost their loved ones in the recent train crash in Washington State.  It is sad enough when accidents like this happen, but when it happens right up close to Christmas it seems even worse.


  1. Beautiful photos! Snow is lovely in photos but i'm glad I don't have to experience it first hand anymore.
    I think Dixie might be a little larger than that. i'm currently fostering a Pointer mix. He's about 4yrs old ....weighs 75lbs. Very nice dog.

  2. Love your winter pictures , but sure don't miss the cold.


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