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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Minus 22C Makes Us Stay Inside

When I let out Dixie this morning I chanced a glance at the thermometer and it showed –22C. (-7F) This is by far the lowest temperature we have ever seen here out east. At the same time the wind was blowing like crazy. I have seen –53C (-63.4F) in Alberta, and that is really COLD, but there was no wind. Today the windchill was –32C (-25.6F) and it would have been dangerous to be outside for more than 30 minutes without face protection. Sea Smoke was covering the Passamaquoddy Bay, making for some special photo opportunities. But most of the following images were taken through a cracked open side window, because it was just too cold to step outside. And for the rest of the day we stayed put in front of our wood stove, Dixie included.1-DSC_0486


1-DSC_0528                                     Welshpool Wharf  1-DSC_0529



1-DSC_0530                                          FDR Cottage

1-DSC_0473                    Dixie’s new tailored coat   

Udate: This afternoon I had to take a cross-border trip for gas. When I got back, I could not find my VISA card, though I knew I had put in my pocket. Well, I had to call the bank and got it cancelled, you know, just in case. Later in the afternoon, Bea was outside with Dixie. Moments later Bea brought in my VISA card. Dixie had found it carrying it around in her mouth. What a great dog we got!!!           


  1. That is cold Back in Kitchener Ontario -24.2 c coldest day in 100 years area our home place.Not nice to be outside. Great dog Dixie is.

  2. You've got it even colder than we do!


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