Saturday, December 9, 2017

Oh My, It’s Almost Christmas

We took in the Christmas tree on Thursday and got it all decorated on Friday. So now it’s in place with all the lights and shiny golden and silvery ornaments. And the wonderful smell of a fresh green tree is filling our livingroom with all the memories of long-gone times.
1-DSC_0748 1-DSC_0639
A wonderful warming fire in the wood stove just adds on to the great time we are having when enjoying home-baked cookies and freshly brewed coffee in the afternoon.
And if that wasn’t enough for the Christmas mood, it has started to snow this evening. So tomorrow we are gonna have a white yard.
This morning I was out helping a neighbour with mounting on a heating wire on his roof. It will make the snow run off the roof before it can pile up in front of their dormers. Then I took our weed-wacker and cleared an area in the rear of our property. I plan to drive our truck up there to the edge of the forest to make transporting out firewood a lot easier.
1-DSC_0013               And some times I use firewood in a different way

Dixie just had her first meeting with real snow. I let her out for her business, and she raced like a rocket up to her usual spot and came back like a bullet. “Iiiiiiijjjj…..this so wet and cold, Dad”.  Curled up in front of the wood stove is soooo much better.
And to make it all official, Lubec will have its Parade of Lights tomorrow. Of course, we will go there and watch how Santa comes to town.

Have a great time!


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