Sunday, April 22, 2012

When I go Shopping and do Baking

When I go shopping groceries, I am usually focused on what we need at the moment or during the coming days. HOWEVER, there are those distractions which occasionally make me stray from the target. Like grilled chicken creating the most appetizing odours wafting through the aisles. But there are also those from the fruit department. Like f.ex. STRAWBERRIES. And if those are offered at reasonable prices it is most likely that a pound of those are ending in my shopping cart. It just so happened the other day when the shelves at Lyon’s Food Market in Lubec were struggling under the weight of California Strawberries. Fortunately, the dairy department is farther down from the fruit and vegetables. That means that I can grab a pint of whipping cream right from behind the glass door. Eggs are usually close too and with that kind of contents in mu cart I am then striving towards the cashier.

Full of anticipation I am getting back home, busying myself in the baking department. This time I try it without the bake-mix from Hatty Procker. I have made those angel food cakes before and they used to turn out pretty good.
While mixing eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder and corn starch the oven is heating up to the prescribed 350F.
I pour the ready stuff into the springform  pan and place it in the oven.
Well, after 25 minutes I peer through the glass door and can’t believe it. The dough hasn’t risen and resembles a pancake. The surface is golden brown, but the bottom is clingy. I pull it out, let it cool.

The next day I repeat the baking, but the difference is hardly noticeable. Another pancake!

We’re gonna make the best of it. I get the strawberries and the whipping cream and the result you can see below.
From the first pancake I made chocolate rounds. Had the whole mess into the food processor, added cocoa, butter and a bit of cream and rum. Then I rolled them in coconut flakes and voila a new cake was born. Can’t throw stuff a way if it is perfectly edible.
Today is the perfect day for strawberry cake and a nice cup of coffee. Outside, it is raining, raining and raining. Tonight we have a 100% chance of rain and you can’t beat it. So having some nice stuff to eat is the best way of getting over it.

So if you don’t come visiting here tonight, the cake will be gone, before you get here.

Just thought to mention that.

Hopefully you have something good on your plate as well.

Thanks for looking at my cake!  Hehe…


  1. Terry's favorite food is strawberry pancakes. We're big fans of fresh fruit and vegetables at the market too.

  2. too bad you live so far away..both desserts look delicious!..way to make 'lemonaide out of lemons'!!!

  3. If you hadn't told me it was flat I wouldn't have noticed because it looks so really really good. Jim had a big bowl of strawberries tonight but I was full from dinner so he had to eat them all by himself.

  4. Looks so delicious, try as hard as we do, just can't make it there in time. Enjoy..

  5. Flat or not... that Strawberry Pancake looked pretty darned good.


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